Secret and mystery of the cathedrals and castles.




   This site is interested in esotericism France monuments, cathedrals and castles. Mr Didier Coilhac discovered a code that was inserted in the old architecture, in some large monuments. There is a large consolidation that uses the plans of buildings, decoration, statues, mathematics, cartography, the logic and the French language. A Message was left by the Kings of France to the people of the future, for us.


Personalities such as Leonardo da Vinci and Nostradamus participated in it; they were insiders in this secret. Leonardo da Vinci has coded his paintings and Nostradamus has encoded his prophecies, in relation to the esotericism of the architecture.


What did the ancients know? The Kings had information on a very old and forgotten civilization. The mystery of Atlantis is probably more than a myth. Atlantis is probably a reality still unknown. The Kings had some information about this. They couldn't reveal them so as not to disturb the Catholic Church institution. The Bible does not mention the existence of an ancient advanced civilization. It was forbidden to mention this case in public, the risk of having serious problems. Indeed, in the past centuries, the Church was associated with the political power. She would have not tolerate any questioning of its dogmas.


What is the hypothesis of Didier Coilhac based on his discoveries? Royalty had a secret deposit, a library, stone tablets, objects, which are originated from a very ancient civilization, a civilization before the Egypt of the Pharaohs. This legacy, this heritage could not be shown publicly. So, this has been hidden using the architecture to be found in the future.


Cathedrals and castles encode two great mysteries of the Bible: Noah's Ark, and the Ark of the Covenant. Noah's Ark is a boat Noah built on the order of God, to escape the flood. Accordingly, life on Earth has been reborn after the flood. Noah had embedded in his ship of couples of all plant and animal species. It is the symbol of an ancient civilization that was destroyed by a major disaster. But archives have been preserved from destruction.


The Ark of the Covenant is the main object of worship of the israelite religion. The Bible says that this chest had a magical power of extraordinary abilities. Was it a machine that operated with an electric current? The builders of cathedrals discreetly tell us they have much information about the Ark of the Covenant. It was probably made in France by the Knights Templar. The monuments indicate the place where it is hidden.


The Leonardo's Secret is also about UFOs. It sawn in past centuries, just like today. 

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The François 1's secret-Chapter 1.


Esotericism, secret and mystey of catles and cathedrals.